Jazz Clinic


“Jazz It Up” Jazz Clinic is a fun and interactive workshop designed to suit most skill levels.  Currently, we offer the clinic in bass and percussion.  The clinic is designed for students who are considering studying Jazz.  Students have the opportunity to study and rehearse in a stimulating environment, while learning from seasoned musicians and educators.  This year the instructor’s are Chester Daigle & Jairus Daigle.  The clinic was made available as a higher education outlet working in collaboration with local non-profit music education program Jazz in the Arts in an effort to minimize barriers between middle and high school music education, and college music study.  The clinic is open to the public, for middle and high school aged students.

This year’s Jazz Clinic, open to the public, is on Saturday, June 24th from 9am – 11:30am.  For more information call (337) 309-2712.